A Thorough Overview Of Condo Insurance

Align Insurance Group serves the Spanish Fort, AL community by offering residents multiple types of insurance coverage. Our policies are intended to help our clients have peace of mind that they will be protected when they need it most. Providing excellent customer service is important to us.

Condo Insurance Overview

The visual appeal of Spanish Fort, AL has improved over the last few years due to several additional condo units. If you are staying in a condo unit, explore the benefits of condo insurance. Condo insurance helps you protect your personal items inside of the unit if they are stolen or vandalized.

Take inventory of the personal items inside of your condo. If you have many luxury items at your condo, consider having those items appraised so that you have a clear idea of their true value. Also, you may need to amend your policy to cover these luxury items if they are damaged or stolen.

Liability coverage is also important. You will be protected if you cause damage to one of your neighbor’s units or if you are having some friends over and they get injured on your property. Liability coverage will protect you if an accident happens. You can also add special interior coverage to protect the unit if there is any damage to the floors or walls that are not covered through your original policy. This type of coverage also protects you if you install any fixtures to the unit, and they are damaged or vandalized.

Due to the unstable nature of weather in the South, consider adding flood insurance to your policy so that you’ll be protected if a natural disaster causes flood damage to your unit.

Align Insurance Group Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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Required Auto Insurance for Alabama

For many years, auto insurance wasn’t mandatory in Alabama. But since 2013, it is the state law that all drivers must carry insurance on their vehicles. The state now has a mandatory minimum liability law that requires liability so that rivers can pay for accidents that they cause. If you need an auto policy, call us at Align Insurance Group in Spanish Fort, AL.

Liability Auto Coverage

The minimum liability coverage that an Alabama vehicle owner has to have has three minimums for different liability coverage kinds. There is one minimum amount that pays for bodily injury for each person involved in an accident (other than you), as well as a higher amount required for all of the bodily injury caused by the same accident. It also covers a payout amount for any property damage done during an accident- other than damage to your own vehicle. As long as these three types meet the mandatory minimums, your vehicle is legal to drive. You must also carry proof of this insurance with you all the time. 

Optional Coverage

Some drivers stay with the state minimums, but they may not pay for serious accidents with extensive injuries due to the high medical bills cost. You can always add more coverage for higher amounts and other types of coverage. One optional type is for uninsured or underinsured motorists. If you should have an accident with someone without the insurance to pay for your medical bills, this policy will pay for them. There is also collision and comprehensive coverage. This can pay for repairs or replacements for your vehicle after an accident or another calamity that damages the vehicle. 

Get Your Vehicle Covered

If you drive in Alabama, you need this insurance. Contact us at Align Insurance Group in Spanish Fort, AL to find out more.

How can I protect my business with commercial insurance?

Owning a small business is the ultimate goal for many people in and around the Spanish Fort, AL area. If you are going to start a company here, it is important that you identify and mitigate as many of your business risks as possible. One way that you can do this is by getting a full commercial insurance policy. A full commercial insurance policy will be able to protect your business in several different ways. 

Insurance Will Give Liability Protection

One way that your commercial insurance can protect you is by offering you liability protection. As a business owner, you will continue to take on liability risk at all times. If you are ever at fault in an accident, there will continue to be a chance that you need to pay for damages. If you have commercial insurance, it could be enough to provide you with the protection needed to keep your company solvent.

Insurance Covers Business Assets

Another reason that you should get commercial insurance is that it will help to protect your business assets. When you start any company, you will need to have assets to help run and grow your company. If you do not have insurance, you will always be at risk that one could be damaged during an accident, fire, or vandalism. When you have insurance for your company, it will ensure you have the protection to repair or replace these assets.

As you are looking for insurance for your business in the Spanish Fort, AL area, you should reach out to the Align Insurance Group team. When you do call Align Insurance Group, you will get the guidance and support you need to pick a policy that is right for your company. 

Do I need home insurance in Spanish Fort?

Those looking for a new community to move to, Spanish Fort, AL can be a great option. This area of the state offers plenty of excellent local amenities and a good economy. If you are looking to move here, it is vital that you make sure that you get proper insurance for your home. There are several reasons why you will need to have home insurance here. 

Required by Lender

One reason that you may need to have home insurance here is that your lender could require it. If you are going to purchase a home in Spanish Fort, likely, you will also want to take out a mortgage. If this is the case, you will want to comply with your mortgage lender’s requirements regarding insurance coverage. 

Protects Home

Even if you do not have a mortgage, you will need to get home insurance. If you can get a full home insurance policy, it will give you substantial coverage for both your dwelling and all of your personal belongings up to the policy limit. This could be very helpful if there is ever a situation that results in a fire, vandalism, or bad weather. 

Those that are in the Spanish Fort, AL area need to consider their home insurance needs carefully. When looking for a new insurance policy here, a great company to speak to is the Align Insurance Group. Many complexities come with picking a home insurance policy, and the team here can make it easier for you. When you call Align Insurance Group, our team will give you excellent guidance to ensure you get into a policy that offers the right protection. Contact our office to get started with a quote.

How to adequately insure your motor home with recreational insurance

Congratulations on getting that classic motorhome for your trips. You can now tour the world without worrying about missing flights, hotel accommodations, and other expensive plans during your vacation. However, your investment needs to be protected by an insurance policy. If you are in Spanish Fort, AL, Align insurance group can help you find a policy that fits your style needs and budget.

How to insure a motorhome

Like any other massive investment, your motorhome needs to be adequately covered as they are a common target for thieves. Remember your recreational vehicle is your home on wheels, therefore, in case of an accident, you may want to ensure that in case of an accident, injury, loss, or theft, you will have enough coverage to bring your RV back on the road.

Common accident associated with motorhomes

If you are a first time RV owner, then you must be a first time RV insurance buyer. To help you understand how much coverage you need, it is essential that you learn some of the common RV accidents. The following are the most common types and reasons for accidents in Spanish Fort, AL.

  • Blind spots
  • Poorly calculated turns
  • Rollovers
  • Runaway trailers
  • Poorly balanced loads or overloading
  • Poor estimations

Factors that can affect my premiums

Depending on the kind of RV you own, your insurance rates may vary. The bigger and more expensive your RV is, the more expensive the insurance. Different drivers have different needs. For instance, some people do not use their RV until spring and summer season, while others live in the camper touring one state to another. Insurance companies look for such information when calculating premiums. Such factors include your age, value of your RV, where you live, and how you intend to use your RV.

Let Align Insurance Group help you find a policy that matches your needs. Feel free to contact us for more information.

What to Look for in Motorhome Insurance

What to Look for in Motorhome Insurance

Motorhome insurance is a must for anyone owning an RV. Insurance is even more critical if you’re always on the road in Spanish Fort, AL, as you’re at greater risk of being involved in or causing an accident. At Align Insurance Group, we offer a variety of motorhome insurance options to suit all types of motorhomes and all drivers. Here’s what you should look for when contemplating your policy.

Vehicle Protection

An investment as costly as a motorhome needs adequate coverage to protect you from exorbitant repair costs out of pocket in the event of an accident. RV insurance also protects your assets if you cause an accident resulting in injuries or damage to other drivers.

  • Collision coverage – If you collide into another vehicle or a stationary object (tree, light post, etc.), collision coverage helps pay for your motorhome repair costs.
  • Comprehensive – This coverage pays for repairs to your RV from non-collision sources like lousy weather, falling objects, or vandalism. It also protects you against RV theft.  
  • Uninsured Motorist (UM) – If someone with no insurance hits your RV, UM coverage helps cover your repair costs.

When choosing motorhome coverage, keep in mind the value of your RV and your RV lifestyle. Ideally, you should shoot for as much coverage as you can get within your budget.  

Liability Protection

If you cause an accident, you’ll be held responsible for the other driver’s injuries or property damage costs. Liability insurance covers these expenses up to the limits of your policy. As motorhomes have the potential to cause extensive damage, you should get ample liability coverage.

To learn more about motorhome insurance in Spanish Fort, AL and insurance costs, talk to an agent from Align Insurance Group today.

Safety tips when driving Recreational Vehicles

Whether you are the new RV owner or are an experienced veteran, one single mistake is enough to cost you millions. Simple forgetfulness like leaving doors unlatched can be dangerous and nerve-wracking. However, with a little patience and safe practices on Spanish Fort, AL roads, you will get everything right. At Align Insurance Group, we like to emphasize the importance of learning safety measures and tips in order to stay safe on the roads.

Check your speed

Driving an RV is like carrying a home on wheels. That means you should never feel the need to speed. Take your time and enjoy your journey; after all, you can cozy up in your bed when tired. There is a reason why you should never speed. Firstly, with the kind of load you are carrying, braking may take you some time as speed increases exponentially. Slowing down means you have maintained a reasonable distance from other vehicles. Secondly, slowing down saves you some money at the gas station.

Focus on your size

RVs are not meant to pass anywhere. They are large and full of weight. That means you need to focus on the load and clearance when driving. Always consider maneuverability on potential routes. Driving in heavy traffic means you have to focus on all the vehicles around you.

Weather is a culprit.

One of the most common causes of RV accidents is the weather in Spanish Fort, AL. Ice, fog, rain, and strong winds are all common causes of RV accidents. Whether you are an experienced RV driver or not, never underestimate lousy weather. Remember, you can always pull over into a rest till the weather comes around.

RVs are home away from home. At Align Insurance Group, we can help you protect them with a suitable RV insurance. Contact us for more information.

An In-Depth Look At Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance

Align Insurance Group provides multiple insurance options to residents in the Spanish Fort, AL community. We strive to make sure that our clients are protected so that they can enjoy what is most important to them.

What Does Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance Entail?

Align Insurance Group is aware that riding motorcycles is a popular activity for many residents in Alabama and throughout the Florida Gulf Coast. If you are one of the many people in Alabama who enjoys riding motorcycles, it’s important that you research different motorcycle insurance options, so that you’ll be covered regardless of any potential situations. As you inquire about different policies, consider purchasing full coverage motorcycle insurance.

Primarily, full coverage includes comprehensive and collision insurance on your motorcycle. Having comprehensive and collision coverage will allow you to replace your motorcycle if it is severely damaged. In less serious cases, your insurance will cover the costs to repair any damage to your motorcycle. Comprehensive coverage also protects your motorcycle while it is stored in the garage during winter, for example.

Your policy may also include injury and liability coverage, which protects you in the event that you cause damages to someone else in an accident. The injury and liability coverage would cover any of the person’s medical bills as a result of the accident, as well as any damages to their motorcycle. If you are seriously hurt in an accident, having a personal injury protection policy will cover all of your medical expenses and lost wages.

As you look at different rates, keep in mind different variables such as your age, the type of motorcycle that you have, and your driving record will be reviewed.

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The Essentials of Boat Insurance in Alabama

Here at Align Insurance Group, we provide a variety of insurance coverage options, including boat insurance for Spanish Fort, AL residents. Take a look at the details and advantages this coverage provides.

What is Boat Insurance?

Boat insurance is coverage that protects you in instances when you damage your boat or destroy it, and it becomes a loss. This type of coverage offers protection for a variety of watercraft with motors, including:

  • Paddle boats
  • Yachts
  • Fishing boats
  • Leisure crafts
  • Pontoon boats

What Types of Coverage Are Available with Boat Insurance?

The types of coverages available with boat insurance include:

  • Collision damage
  • Property damage liability
  • Bodily injury liability
  • Comprehensive
  • Additional coverage options

Collision Damage

Collision damage includes the repair or replacement of your boat. This type of coverage may or may not include wreckage clean up. If not, this type of coverage may be offered as an additional coverage option.

Property Damage Liability

This damage liability coverage is used when you damage someone else’s property or equipment.

Physical Damage

If you involved in an accident while on the water, physical damage coverage takes care of the boat and equipment that is damaged.


Comprehensive coverage is similar to that of full coverage for a vehicle. This coverage takes care of everything collision does not cover, including vandalism, wind, rain, and fire.

Equipment Coverage

Equipment coverage is insurance for all the equipment you have in your boat or motored watercraft. This equipment can include but is not limited to GPS, towable items, and a variety of fishing gear.

Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage

It’s not uncommon for boaters to carry little to no boat insurance. Uninsured or underinsured insurance coverage handles damages and other repairs, as well as medical instances.

Towing Coverage

This coverage is similar to roadside assistance. Towing coverage is there if your watercraft becomes immobile and helps you safely get to shore.

Align Insurance Group provides boat and watercraft insurance in addition to other types of insurance, including flood, home, commercial, auto, and umbrella insurance. Contact us to learn more about our insurance coverage. We’re always ready to help.

Who Can Benefit from Umbrella Insurance?

Having proper insurance in place is vital for anyone. When you are looking to improve your personal insurance position, one type of coverage to get is umbrella insurance. This form of insurance provides additional liability insurance that some people could use to improve their personal protections. There are several situations in particular when someone in the Spanish Fort, AL area could benefit from an umbrella insurance policy. 

Those with Limited Liability Coverage

One situation when someone will want to have umbrella insurance is if someone has a limited amount of liability coverage in place. Most people will have liability insurance through their home and auto insurance policies. However, you may find that the limit in these policies is not enough to cover very significant situations. In these cases, having umbrella insurance will be helpful as it will provide coverage on top of your base insurance policies. 

Unique Risks

Another situation when someone could benefit from umbrella insurance is if they have an exceptional condition or risk profile. For example, those that are at a higher risk of libel or slander lawsuits may not have this covered by their base insurance policies. When you get an umbrella insurance policy, you will get blanket liability insurance that will cover you for these and many other liability risks. 

There are many reasons why someone in the Spanish Fort, AL area should acquire an umbrella insurance policy. If you think that having the additional liability insurance would be suitable for you and your situation, speaking with Align Insurance Group could be a great option. The team at the Align Insurance Group can help you to understand all of your insurance options and help you to find a policy that provides the right type and level of liability coverage.