Is Condo Insurance Necessary If You Sublet Your Space?

If you live in a condo, you likely already have your own condo insurance in place, separate from the building’s insurance. However, if you sublet your condo to another tenant, you may wonder if you need condo insurance, or if they need renter’s insurance.

Condo Insurance 

If you have a condo and have major appliances or items of value inside the residence, but are subletting to another, it is wise to have condo insurance. Likewise, if they are living in the space, they should have their own renter’s insurance to protect their personal items, should there be a covered claim. Always check with a licensed insurance agent to make sure you get the right type of insurance coverage for all situations.

Working With An Experienced Agency

If you want to protect your investments and get the right type of policy coverage, it is crucial to work with an insurance agency with skilled, licensed agents who are ready to help you make wise decisions. We can point out options that work for a particular situation and even recommend any necessary additional coverage to help prevent gaps. People who are looking for high-quality condo insurance can seek assistance through Align Insurance Group, serving the residents of Gulf Shores and Spanish Fort, AL. We are helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to a wide variety of insurance products. 

Don’t get in a situation where there isn’t adequate coverage in place to protect your space and belongings. Call or stop by the office of Align Insurance Group and speak with an agent about your current or desired insurance coverage. We proudly serve the residents of Gulf Shores and Spanish Fort, AL so that you can have peace of mind. 

How Much Auto Insurance Do I Need?

Do you have adequate auto insurance in Spanish Fort, AL? Do you even know if you do? If not, you may find yourself in a difficult situation if you are ever involved in an accident. Don’t let this happen – get the coverage you need to be fully protected now. If you need help with your auto insurance amounts, our team at Align Insurance Group can help. You can also use the information here to ensure you get the coverage you need. 

The State Requirements 

One of the first things you have to consider is what is required by your state. Each state has unique specifications regarding the minimums you must-have when it comes to auto insurance. If you don’t have these required minimums, you may be fined by the police or have other consequences. 

Vehicle Ownership 

Another factor that impacts the amount and type of auto insurance you need is if you own or are leasing or still paying on your vehicle. If you have a loan with the bank (or another lender), then you are going to need to invest in full coverage insurance. This insurance coverage makes sure that you can cover the damages to your vehicle (since you don’t own it) and anyone else’s car or property you may cause damage to. In fact, in most cases, a condition of the loan is having the proper insurance coverage. 

If you own your vehicle, you can get liability only insurance, which will only cover another person’s car. While this is more affordable if you ever are in an accident that causes damage to your vehicle, you will have to pay for it to be repaired out of your own pocket. 

If you need help to figure out the insurance coverage you need, contact our team at Align Insurance Group, serving the area of Spanish Fort, AL. 

How to Be Prepared When Making an Insurance Claim for Your Business

If you ever have to make an insurance claim for your business, there are essential steps you’ll have to take. You’ll save time by having certain things ready, and it is likely to help you have greater success with the claim. If you have questions and want to sign up for regular business insurance and possibly supplemental, talk to the experts at Align Insurance Group of the Spanish Fort, AL area.

Record Any Damages

The first step is to record damages to your business. If any property has been stolen or if there have been any issues with liability, you’ll have to document this properly. You should have this evidence on hand before it comes to a lawsuit. This can mean photographing physical damage, taking note of exact details of items that have been stolen, and filing police or incident report(s).

Mitigate the Damage

It’s your duty to protect your belongings and any property of the business from further damages. You can have property temporarily repaired, such as boarding up windows and securing broken locks. Then, you’ll need to get estimates from experts on how much permanent repairs are going to cost.

Review Your Business Insurance Policy

As long as you have commercial insurance, you should have at least partial coverage for your losses. Look over what’s in the policy to determine what you can recover from the damage that has been done. Look for specific policy provisions that can impact coverage, as well. Then, you should decide if it’s in your best interest to file an insurance claim. This is in your best interest if you’re unable to pay for repairs yourself or if you have aggregate deductibles, meaning there’s plenty of coverage to help you with damages and repairs.

If you’re unsure of how the process works and want to sign up for business insurance that has reasonable policies, look no further than Align Insurance Group, serving the greater Spanish Fort, AL.

Why Is a Home Inventory Important?

There’s no wonder why Southern Living Magazine named Fairhope, AL one of the best small towns in the South. However, even beautiful towns like this are not immune to disaster. Whether you love small-town living or the bustle of the city, your home could be at risk.

Align Insurance Group wants everyone to be prepared when disaster strikes. One essential item we encourage all homeowners to carry is a home inventory. This one document will make a huge difference when it comes to filing a claim, saving you and your family time and worry during your most stressful events.

What is a home inventory?

In a nutshell, a home inventory is a listing of your valued possessions. This can include appliances, clothing, electronics, and anything else you would need to replace after a crisis. Would you be able to recall all of your valuables off the top of your head following a disaster? Having an inventory on hand now will make it easier for you to figure out what you need to claim should you need to in the future.

How do I make a home inventory?

Writing down all of your belongings can seem like a daunting task. However, it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

Start Small – A closet or wardrobe is a great place to start. General clothing can be inventoried by broad categories such as the number of pants or shirts. Make a more detailed accounting of high-value items such as jewelry, including materials the item is made of (gold, diamonds, etc.).

Serial Numbers – For appliances or electronics, record the brand and serial numbers located on the bottom or back of the item.

Keep receipts – Receipts, appraisals, or contracts can help when your agent is determining the worth of lost belongings.

Use Tech – Taking pictures, video, and keeping your list on an app are all ways to make your inventory as accurate and detailed as possible.

How do I know if items in my inventory are covered?

Talk to your insurance agent to make sure your Fairhope, AL home insurance adequately covers your belongings. Align Insurance Group offers unique umbrella coverage options to insure high-value items too!